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Let's unite for the sake of the children!

The NGO “Parent Union” was founded by caring parents, united for the sake of children.

Children are our future! Adults repeat it so often that the phrase is already perceived as an advertising slogan, which is not clearly obvious for many. At the same time, the real situation in education and upbringing of children, as well as with the protection of the children’s rights in Ukraine is still very sad. Although everyone knows that nowadays situation in the field of paternity, education, upbringing and protection of children’s rights, dramatically influences on which country we will live in 15 years.

According to polls, over 50% of parents are not happy enough with the quality of education in Ukraine. More than 90% of educators are not satisfied with their profession status and its financial provision. The biggest problem of education nowadays, due to the parents opinion, is the lowest motivation in gaining knowledge by kids, outdated teaching methodology and curriculum, poor provision for quality facilities, instructional resources and technical support of all educational institutions. The lack of reliable material and technical development of schools, adequate finance provision and the social attitude to the profession are the most disincentive factors for educators.

Children are our future! Adults repeat it so often that the phrase is already perceived as an advertising slogan, which is not clearly obvious for many.

In the field of upbringing children, the situation is even worse. 61.2% of kids are exposed to at least one type of physical or psychological abuse. 50% of children are harassed at school by other children. 35-45 cases of juvenile suicide are reported annually only in Kyiv, according to the National Police’ statistic. Society needs changes in this area urgently, because the approach to children educating from the position of authority over children, dramatically influences the understanding the human interaction by kids from the right of the power, not from the power of the right! So that now is the right time to change the situation in the education and upbringing of young generation in Ukraine. For sure, it can only be done through joint, systematic actions of parents and educators as well as constructive dialogue and interaction around changes with all school community members (stakeholders). If you are a father, mother, educator or simply conscientious resident of Ukraine, do joining to any parent association to provide certain reform in education, as well as support and build the future of Ukraine! After all, who and how will teach and educate our children will depend on who and how will create relationships and life in Ukraine in 10-15 years!

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