Let's unite for the sake of the children!

The NGO “Parent Union” was founded by caring parents, united for the sake of children.

I’ve decided to unite everyone who is interested in developing an alternative way of education and changing the state system of education as well. Interview with “New Education” Media, Andrii Blyznyuk, Founder, Parent Union

Andrii Blyznyuk

Founder, Parent Union

Andrii Bliznyuk. interview to IDEALIST media:

The internet has dramatically changed the way we access and circulate information. As technology continuously evolves, so do our lives around it. That’s why the process of education should be impacted significantly in terms for both the educational institutions and homeschooling”.

Andrii Bliznyuk, Head of the Parent Union opens up how the processes of education has been impacted recently and why we need to teach our children more effective ways of communication.

Viktor Gromovyi, Andrii Blyznyuk

Parent Union


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