Let's unite for the sake of the children!

The NGO “Parent Union” was founded by caring parents, united for the sake of children.

The NGO “Parent Union” was founded by caring parents, united for the sake of children.

Through collaborative efforts and funding, we provide opportunities to help every participant in the community and opportunities for changes in society through the creation and dissemination of new approaches and rules in education and upbringing, changes in legislation and engagement.

Only by uniting parents and educators can create a future for our children that we will not be ashamed of. Together, through constructive collaboration, we can find the best solutions to the most pressing problems and create worthy examples for our children.

Our goal is to create a community of indifferent parents and educators to co-create changes in education and upbringing.

Basic ideas of the community:

Why you should join a community?

The community brings together experienced parents, leading professionals – psychologists, physicians, lawyers, financiers and many other people who care.

If you are a member of the community, you will always receive help and support in many life-changing and complex situations, both from the community as a whole and from its individual members!

The experience and advice of the entire community is a shared asset, but accessible to every participant!

Parent Union


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