Let's unite for the sake of the children!

The NGO “Parent Union” was founded by caring parents, united for the sake of children.

Values ​​of the Parent Club:

  • We build a community of aware parents who want changes and clearness how to succeed.
  • We strive to protect children from abuse by someone in a position of trust or authority.
  • We strive to protect children's rights and fundamental freedoms and teach them how to respond to it.
  • We strive to provide children with a good quality education, which makes them competitive in the world and helps them gain the skills and tools they need in the 21st century.
  • We create a paternity training course and full support for both parents who intent to give children the best start in their life and children, who needs in safe in different life situations.
  • We set high standard with the model to follow!

If you were once uncertain about your decisions or have questions:

  • How to manage unusual situations with your child?
  • What to do if your child doesn’t hear what you’re saying, or outright ignores you?
  • How to choose the right school and influence its policy?
  • How to avoid school levies?
  • How to prepare a child for life?
  • Why teach a child or not to teach and how to manage it?
  • How to protect the child’s rights and teach them safe rules?
  • How to establish clear boundaries for a child without violence?
  • How to prevent bullying against your child?
  • How to teach a child independence and self-reliance?
  • How to raise a healthy child?
  • How to employ a child, etc.

Or if you are not happy about the situation with education in our country, you can set out to make a change. You should join the community of caring parents and educators in the Parent Union and take an active part in shaping your child’s future in Ukraine.

Parent Union


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