Let's unite for the sake of the children!

The NGO “Parent Union” was founded by caring parents, united for the sake of children.

Our webinars

NGO “Parent Union” launches a series of webinars on emotional intelligence and positive parenthood:

How to treat children happy and successful?

How to control your emotional and physical health in the process of education?

How and why to teach children, how to entertain, what is the best school?

How to provide the kids adaptation to learning practice that allow them to cope with change?

How to organize fundraising for your school?

Mathematician and Humanitarian? How to help a child decide on their own future?

How keep continuous contacts with children?

…as well as many other topics of parents interest on psychology, medicine, finance, education…

Webinar Schedule of NGO “Parent Union”:

1. What to do or not to do for the child during vacation?

Summer: is it time for vacation or just summer?

Date: June, 20th, Thursday

Speaker: Anna Yevsyukova-Murza – founder, director of alternative kindergarten-primary   

school  “I am”, psychologist and mother of six;

2. Skills of the future. How to teach children so that they can survive!

Date: June, 21st, Friday

Speaker: Irina Kolesnichenko – Intellect Trainer and Social Educator;

3. If you don’t have any money … The illusion of free education.

How to calculate the “cost” per child and not lose faith, hope and love?

Date: June, 26th, Wednesday

Speaker: Anna Yevsyukova-Murza – founder, director of alternative kindergarten-primary

school “I am”, psychologist and mother of six;

4. How to keep your attention or how to study properly to remember.

Emotions for Learning.

Date: June, 28th, Friday

Speaker: Irina Kolesnichenko – Intellectl Trainer and Social Educator;

5. Reward or redeem? Money in the way of strengthening the responsibility of the child.

Cockroaches or adult being?

Date: July, 03d, Wednesday

Speaker: Anna Yevsyukova-Murza – founder, director of alternative kindergarten-primary

school “I am”,  psychologist and mother of six;

6. What takes away our strength? The importance of positive thinking. When everything is

annoying – what to do? Ways to keep energy!

Date: July, 05th, Friday

Speaker: Irina Kolesnichenko – Intellect Trainer and Social Educator;

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Our speakers:

Anastasia Golota

About the speaker

Child, family and perinatal psychologist, PhD in Psychology, mother of two. Hosting the seminars for parents, psychological support groups, moms. Author of the “Family Circle” column in the “Mirror of the Week” newspaper.
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Irina Kolisnichenko

About the speaker

Higher Education - Entrepreneurship Manager (KIBIT). During her studies she was the head of student self-government organized community, engaged in business analytics for 4 years. Then she conducted trainings on business technology for beginners. At the same time, she was a director and screenwriter at an amateur theater. For almost 7 years she was a dance style designer, trainer and choreographer for oriental dance. Second Higher Education - Social Educator (KNPU after M. Drahomanov) and 3 years of experience in practical psychology trainings including trainings on EQ. She also conducts online trainings on her author's program. Mother of two.
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Anna Yevsyukova-Murza

About the speaker

Founder, director of alternative kindergarten-primary school “I am”, Irpin, Kyiv region. 38 years. Primary teacher, English philologist, psychologist, business coach, experienced and versatile transformation game facilitator, Manifestor 2/4 and mother of six; From the age of 16, she’s dreamed about opening her own school. She was one of the brilliant students at the Pedagogical University, which graduated with Distinction. While studying at the University of Foreign Languages, she taught English in China. So that, gained skills helped her to teach adults to business for almost 12 years. She has copyright training for the “Recruiter’s Alphabet”, the “Parents’ School: Recipes for educating”, and the “Marriage School: Living as a couple”. “Any person comes to the world for joy” – Anna is absolutely sure about it and measures the success of anything by that quote.
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Parent Union


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